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February 29th, 2016    

Episode 126 - Six Hours Ahead Is the Right Time - The Indie Haven Podcast

This week, Josh is joined by a new guest, Peter Page, who discusses the recently released Layers of Fears and Devil Daggers.  Also, the singular Robert Edwards joins the podcast to celebrate his new Twitter handle, explain why the UK has the right time, and talk about Superhot.


February 22nd, 2016    

Episode 125 - Indie Haven’s Video Game Music Roundtable - The Indie Haven Podcast

In this special edition of the Indie Haven Podcast, Josh sits down with three of the Indie Haven contributors to talk about music in video games.  From the electronic notes of Hotline Miami to the Jpop riffs of Persona, we cover the tracks that intrigue us, delight us...and some that make us want to punch things.  


February 15th, 2016    

Episode 124 - (Matt Mckeown) Requested to be Made a Big Burly Black Dude - The Indie Haven Podcast

This week on the Indie Haven Podcast, Josh is joined by the token Indie Haven Scotsman, Matt Mckeown, who has returned to his homeland after an adventure through the deserts of Texas to enjoy the sites and sounds of PAX South.  Then Simon Rankin joins the podcast as the members of Indie Haven who fell during the Josh's campaign of X-COM 2 are remembered.  After taps are played for those who gave their life rebelling against alien overlords, they discuss Campo Santo's recent game, Firewatch.


February 1st, 2016    

Episode 123 - Incomplete and Broken - The Indie Haven Podcast

This week on the Indie Haven Podcast, Josh is joined by Niko Berri to discuss the less than great release of Torment: Tides of Numenara on Steam Early Access.  Then Philip Aldous joins the podcast to talk about the now-pulled Five Nights at Freddy's World and how the game was a rather messy...well, mess.  Both of the games discussed this week show promise, but who knows when they will reach their full potential.


January 25th, 2016    

Episode 122 - Your Resolve is Tested - The Indie Haven Podcast

Simon has returned and not only does he have some Pony Island talk to share, he also want to talk about Night School's adventure game, Oxenfree.  Also, the co-Coen-Bros-in-Chief, Erin Hyles, joins the podcast to discuss a game very close to heart, Darkest Dungeon.  Things get a little heavy when talking about Red Hook's punishing RPG, but don't worry, we're here to help your resolve.


January 19th, 2016    

Episode 121 - We Lost Simon - The Indie Haven Podcast

M. Joshua joins the podcast to talk about his role in producing the trailer for the emotional That Dragon, Cancer.  Josh adds his thoughts about the game in addition to his recent review. Simon Rankin was supposed to join us to talk about Pony Island, but due to some technical difficulties we'll postponing any talk of ponies or islands till next week.  Everyone is allowed to make one, good-spirited joke about Simon's inability to use a computer.


January 11th, 2016    

Episode 120 - All the Games of 2016 (and the Memorial Robert Edwards Game Jam) - The Indie Haven Podcast

This week Josh is joined by the one and only Robert Edwards to preview all the indie games in the upcoming year.  Josh quizzes the Indie Haven contributor on all upcoming titles and Robert makes up games when he doesn't know the answer.  Come for the best games on the horizon, stay for the weird ox herding game you didn't know you wanted.


January 4th, 2016    

Episode 119 - Let’s Talk Games of 2015 - The Indie Haven Podcast

Josh is joined by Simon Rankin and M. Joshua Cauller, not to discuss the best games of 2015, but to bring up the game that deserve a mention at the end of the year when they aren't getting love from elsewhere.  We dive into over a dozen games that were highlights of 2015, which was quite an excellent year in games.


December 15th, 2015    

Episode 118 - I Can’t Believe Luke Skywalker Was an Ewok - The Indie Haven Podcast

As the holiday season rolls along we continue to find the latest and greatest in the indie game scene.  This week Philip Aldous returns to talk about the strange and wonderful Emily is Away which starts a dialogue about the specific experience the game offers and how it spoke to younger versions of Philip and myself.  Then Robert Edwards joins the podcast to take a look back on Telltale's Game of Thrones series and discuss one of the more interesting endings to a Telltale season in quiet some time.


December 8th, 2015    

Episode 117 - Middle School Me Thought So Too - The Indie Haven Podcast

It's all about the games this week and we have two very interesting titles to talk about.  First, Niko Berry makes his Indie Haven Podcast debut to talk about Cibele, Nina Freeman's autobiographical journey through a long distance relationship, held together through an MMO.  Then, M. Joshua joins the podcast to discuss the unique weird west strategy title, Hard West.


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